When archeological student, Kate Fitzgerald, unearths a skull that is less than centuries old, a present-day murder mystery ensues.

About the Book

An avid Mystery novel fan with a love of archeology, Terri Gregg has combined the two with Kate Fitzgerald, who goes hunting for Mississippian artifacts near Cahokia in southern Illinois. The skull she finds turns out to be much more recent and sets her on a course that leads to family secrets, arson, more murders.

About the Author

After retiring from a number of careers, which included a period as a science writer for an encyclopedia, Terri Gregg turned her pen (okay, computer) to the story of Kate Fitzgerald as she unravels a murder at Cahokia, a World Heritage site in southern Illinois. Terri lives in Sarasota and enjoys golf and tennis in her down time from writing.


The Obsidian Knife

Watch for new adventures for Kate when she returns to Cahokia as a staff archeologist. When a Board member is killed and Kate’s friend looks to be the prime suspect, she must use all her wits to clear him by identifying the real culprit. At the same time, she has to avoid being the killer’s next victim.

“This is a well written, fast moving, fun book to read and the author keeps you guessing to the end...”

—Amazon Review


“Great read — a real page turner. An excellent mystery novel that keeps you glued to it until its over.”

—Amazon Review


“Best murder mystery I've read in a long time.”

—Amazon Review